“Contact-us” forms can be a cool chatbot

“Contact-us” forms can be a cool chatbot

We all encounter many situations where we need to fill a form over the internet and social media. Google form are a boring way to make someone give information. Most of us experience a really long, frustrating and dull moments when we are asked to fill out information in forms. Fobi.io found a way to increase forms effectiveness by, at least, 25% and make them way more useful for your goals.

So, How does it work?

Actually, it’s pretty simple. Start by building your Google form. It can be a survey, a contact form, or what ever you want it to be. Then, Enter Fobi.io and paste the link in the white box on the bottom.

Now you can edit the text, change the order of the questions, and even add messages in between the questions. Feel free to change whatever you want — it won’t affect your original Google form.

Here is how it looks when you send it

For more instructions, you may visit here: https://goo.gl/449JYK

“Contact us” can be cool too!

Here is how we used it in Zoi.ai’s “contact us” form. We got hundreds of positive feedback because of it, and great information about our visitors.
 Have fun!

Originally published at Zoi.ai.