4 New Bots that Grow your Business

4 New Bots that Grow your Business

Bots are on their way to conquer, and improve, any aspect of our lives. They are used in order to automate processes, humanless customer service and many other purposes. Hopefully, bots and chat bots will make business management a whole lot easier. Here are four new bot that will grow your business:


bot builder that allows its users to easily build and launch a fully featured chatbot on Messenger for their online store. The chatbot can then show and promote your products through chat. The only thing you have to do is to upload your product catalogue and we handle the rest — no coding required whatsoever.
 Link: http://www.getibot.com


Zoi is an artificial intelligence personal assistant for managing your business.
 Just think about it, a business partner that helps you do your your day-to-day tasks and improve your marketing, scheduling and accounting. Zoi integrates with the software that you use in order to manage your business, analyzes the information and offers suggestions for your business.
 Link: https://www.zoi.ai

Growth Bot

Growth Bot’s job is to help you figure out the right questions you should ask your users and suggest automated triggers, in order to increase growth. He really likes to help startups, websites, blogs, e-commerce, brands and growth hackers worldwide.
 Link: https://www.gotcha.io/growth-bot


Copilot.AI is a chatbot to help you with customer support and lead generation. It lives on your website and engages your customers through live chat. Customers can ask the bot questions in natural English, and the bot will answer. The Q&A are created by you for your business, with no programming required.
 Link: http://www.copilot.ai

Have a really great bot to show the world? Tell me about it and I will be happy to review it!

Originally published at Zoi.ai.