DICE — The Idea for Social Network of Money

When it comes to understanding the new, DICE is a typical example of a poorly understood concept. More than a year after the release of its first official draft it still fights with the shadows of doubt and misunderstanding in a world shaped in one particular form. It is a square shape idea that people persistently keep trying to put through a round hole — the hole of the blockchain. It won’t fit in, it will never do. The reason is simple — in order to understand DICE, one needs to…

We are pleased to introduce our new hire, Madhu Gupta. Madhu is based in Singapore and has joined DICE money as an Investment Relations Advisor.

She brings onboard her wealth of experience as a product development and product management expert who is especially skilled at advising start-ups within high-tech and Blockchain sectors.

Madhu is an Entrepreneur and Investor with a deep understanding of the Technology & start-up ecosystem. She has founded and funded projects within mHealth, Retail, E-commerce spaces. …

Dates covered (Saturday July 07, 2018 to Friday July 13, 2018)

  1. Now you can secure your valuable Dicets in the highly secure CLET wallet. Learn more
  2. DICE money and HODL finance have agreed a partnership agreement that will allow Dicets be accepted as collateral for crypto-backed loans. Learn more
  3. All Dicets holders will be able to trade their tokens on the Worldex exchange platform. See here
  4. We have concluded a partnership with Krosscoin to trade Dicets for their KSS tokens on the IDEX exchange platform. Learn more
  5. We have also concluded a similar arrangement with Cargo Coin to further increase…

DICE Money has concluded a special partnership with CLET Wallet, an ICO platform as well as a cryptocurrency wallet service that provides verified information.

With a friendly and convenient user interface, CLET wallet provides you with a stronger security with their multiple security systems.

We at DICE money are proud to be affiliated with them and hope our community will utilize their exceptional service to safely store their Dicets.

You can download the CLET wallet app here

Yet to own dicets? Visit here and purchase some right away

Or you can learn how to get dicets at zero cost here

Join us today

HODL Finance and DICE Money have reached a partnership agreement.

DICE Money token (DICET) will be one of the partner tokens to be accepted as collateral for crypto-backed loans from HODL Finance.

In his official statement, MD at HODL Finance Vytautas Zabulis stated, “More and more participants of the new digital economy can now enjoy the benefits of crypto-backed loans. Dicet token holders will be able to get a crypto-backed loan when providing their token as collateral. We’re opening the doors for every Dicet token holder to get a quick, untaxed, safe crypto-backed loan 24/7 from HODL Finance.”…

More Great News. We continue to live up to expectation in giving theDice community as many options to trade Dicets. In line with that, it’s our pleasure to announce that Dicets tokens will be traded on Worldex exchange platform at the end of our ICO.

What do we know about Worldex?

WORLDEX is a platform created for the democratization and development of
crypto trading. In an effort to solve many of the problems that exist in current exchanges the team of visionaries and developers at Worldex set out a goal to dissect the top open-source codebase (order books, payment gateways…

Agreements have now been concluded with KrossCoin to trade Dicets for its KSS tokens on exchange platforms.

Krosscoin recently concluded its ICO (12th May 2018) and is currently traded on IDEX exchange platform.

About Krosscoin

Its management team believes it to be a very elegant concept to build innovative apps that have a large customer base potential. Krosscoin will also allow third-party developer apps into their ecosystem. All apps are monetized with KSS tokens using a ‘’PAY-AS-YOU-USE’’ framework. This allows app developers to make interesting and highly functional apps, and lets the end-consumer pay for only the functions accessed, when…

To further increase the liquidity of our tokens, we have partnered with Cargo Coin.

According to its management, The Cargo Coin platform is being built as a Blockchain ecosystem for the shipping industry. By infusing Blockchain technology into freight forwarding and shipping operations in general, a more efficient system is to be realized which leaves all stakeholders satisfied whiles helping to cut out bureaucratic bottlenecks, shorten delivery time and help with better revenue mobilizaton. Check out their whitepaper here

Like DICE Money, The Cargo coin is a solid project and we are excited to have them as partners.

With this…

Dates covered (Saturday June 30, 2018 to Friday July 06, 2018)

  1. We thank all of you who have voted for us to get listed for free on Bitexchange. We are at the finish line. Only 2 days more. Let us vote enmasse here
  2. Check out our brand new article on Yahoo Finance here
  3. We have a new executive advisor. He is Jeremy Khoo. Get to know him here
  4. We have just sealed an agreement with MegaX in order to expand on cryptocurrency usage in e-commerce. Read more
  5. Enjoy mining DICE? Watch out for a new version of our miner software coming soon


Bitcoin and Altcoins continue to climb. But is it sustainable?

Enjoy a DICE-tastic weekend.

Mine DICE today. Visit here

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We are pleased to welcome our latest Executive Advisor, Jeremy Khoo.

Jeremy is a serial entrepreneur who has started and exited 3 venture funded companies. He is the CEO of Singapore based iFashion Group and the co-founder of its break out project MEGAX. Jeremy is a blockchain/cryptocurency enthusiast and has been instrumental to raising millions of funds via ICOs. And so we are extremely delighted to have him on board to join us in this incredible Dice Money journey.

This announcement comes hot on the heels of our strategic partnership with iFashion and MegaX, a deal that will allow Dice money benefit from
the extensive international retail network of MegaX and its affiliates and will ensure more liquidity for Dicets.

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