Great News!!!

A Singapore-based retail chain has just sealed an agreement with DICE for the building and initial adoption of DICE-based transaction system initially in the countries in SE Asia and China, and later expanding worldwide. The chain consists of several companies trading fashion and accessories, and is called i-Fasion Group with several subsidiary companies.

The partnership also includes PR and promotion of DICE Money in their channels, and an incentive based program for customers who purchase items and pay in DICE.

The same group owns the MGX token, and will airdrop MGX to dicet holders. We will include MGX as an optional payment token for DICE swap options in our future Hub.

As result of this agreement we are doubling the efforts to complete the technical parts of the MVP to a stage when it will be ready for test implementation in the retail.

This is a massive achievement for DICE since it opens the real world market (not crypto only) to trade in DICE in the very near future.

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