Yes you absolutely read that right. We are pleased to announce the introduction of the ‘DICE buy-out program’, a program that gives everyone the opportunity to swap Dice for Dicets. This is unprecedented — an ICO that accepts mining of its own token as payment for another. A quick refresher: DICE and Dicets are not the same. DICE (Digital Certificate) is a non-blockchain digital currency while Dicet is an ERC20 Ethereum-based token for the purpose of the ICO. Put simply, our Dicet token is sort of a blockchain value holder for DICE.

Now you no longer have to worry about how to get cheap Dicets. No more worries about missing out on our bounty and airdrop programs. Now you can get Dicets at no cost by mining your own DICE. How? Trade your mined DICE to us and we will send you dicets straight into your wallet! For information about swap rates, kindly see page 22 of our whitepaper. You don’t want to buy dicets right now? You can keep the DICE for use on a later date. It’s yours to do as you please.

Mining DICE is possible using our recently released mining software. You can download it on our website. We have also prepared an awesome instructional video that explains how to mine DICE. Watch it here. The basic requirements to mine DICE are windows machine with nvidia GPU.

Start mining now, and make free money!