We are so incredibly excited to make a very special announcement. Now you can raise funds without breaking a sweat.

You have an awesome business idea or concept but do you have the resources to make your brain-child a reality? Raising seed money is the number one challenge business visionaries confront. Really, it is a herculean task. Some entrepreneurs are so anxious to raise money that they do not apply enough scrutiny in assessing their investors. And who can blame them? It’s hard enough raising funds, why add another layer of complexity? But in truth, we need to confront the fact that there are right and wrong kinds of investors and the ability to pick them apart is important.

The decision about where to raise money will impact your ability to succeed as a business and has far reaching consequences. Every time you blink there’s a new ICO on the horizon. Many of them fail, and even those who manage to reach their soft cap are soon right back where they began as a result of ‘pump and dump’ currency manipulators. That tells you the right kind of investors are those who truly care about building your business.

Enter DICE money — a new way of thinking based on simplicity and efficiency. Raising funds has never been easier. Now you can forget about ICOs and discard those cold pitches to people who neither understand nor care about your project beyond making a few quick bucks. Now you can raise funds the right way via a community of people who can add meaningful value to your business beyond capital. With you (your business) as the ‘operator’, the DICE money cluster model allows an independent network of users revolve around your business to raise funds easily thus making the entire process cheaper, faster and more efficient.

Be among the first ones to benefit from DICE. Become an operator today, call up your friends, and start your business!

Invest 1 ETH or more to become eligible for listing on our upcoming World DICE Hub.
 Invest 3 ETH or more to receive an operator in days, and start before the pack.

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