Nature’s Lesson: Embrace Stillness

This picture is of a special place I often visit, sitting in the silence. A couple days ago I had arrived, and it was quite breezy, so much so that leaves were being blown from some trees. Sitting in my car for a moment just enjoying the breeze, the smell of freshness everywhere, when suddenly two leaves blew in my window and landed on my chest. To be honest I had not even notice the leaves being there, but it was like something wanted me to take notice of these two leaves. In taking notice, is what moved me to share with you, through this blog post. In actuality looking at these leaves, turned out to be like looking into text books reviewing valuable lessons. In these two leaves, were the basic lessons of the ‘spiritual journey’

The Uniqueness of Your Journey: Looking at these two leaves which shared the experience of being connected with other leaves to a particular tree. Both are quite unique. For starters, they were of different sizes, shapes, even color. The truth about the spiritual journey it is your ‘Unique Journey’. It embodies who you are, and like the leaves, who you grow to be. Even though along the way many realizations that perhaps you weren’t aware or conscious of previously, you now begin to discover. Many well-versed individuals, whose uniqueness is sharing enlightenment of these realizations, are not for any of us to abandon our unique journey to embrace theirs. This is my journey, this is your journey.

Connection: When we look at a tree from afar, or without distinctive discernment, we see a tree of connected leaves. Each of these unique leaves, fully connected in harmony with the tree. Sharing in the emitting of the energy, the beauty, and other transforming benefits of the tree. Likewise with us, as much, as our unique spiritual journey is about discovery, it is equally about connection. The more we grow spiritually into the I AM Being, the more we naturally embrace connection with everything in the Universe. We literally, become “I AM, You Am, We Together Am”.

The Principle of Vibration A final lessons I took away with from the leaves, involves the third of the Hermetic Principles. From the outside, it would appear that when the leaves fall from the tree, that is it, the end of the leaves journey. Instead, the fallen leaves journey hasn’t ended, it has merely moved beyond that immediate connection with the tree. As it falls to the ground it become an even greater connection as a source of nourishment. The spiritual journey is about constant movement or vibration. The more we grow in our unique journey, the more we will experience various, as well, as higher levels of connection.
 Excerpts from the upcoming publication “Nature’s Lessons” by L. K. Brown

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