The Bold Step: Are You Ready To Take It

Ponder for a moment this question: Out of the following group of people, which would ignite greater change in the world if they were to die today?

  1. Ten of the top Billionaires
  2. Ten Great Sports Persons
  3. Ten of the top Spiritual Leaders
  4. Ten Ordinary People

If you chose number four as being the right answer, guess what you are correct! As far fetch as it may seem to some this world is really ruled by ordinary people. This world is designed for the ‘big, noticeable, wealthiest, declared successful’ of this world to feed off the “bottom feeders of this world “ namely, ordinary people. It is ordinary people of this world, that every day is working for and fighting it out for money. It is ordinary people of this world who if they don’t go to work in some capacity or another will not get paid. It is ordinary people of this world, who are taught early on that achieving any dreams they may have requires hard work, motivation, setting goals of achievement in this world. For the most part, it is ordinary people in this world who are reminded that they lack the capacity to invent, despite any talent they may have. Or to think beyond their talent. Religiously, in this world, ordinary people are incapable or unworthy having a connection with the Divine, unless they accept and give themselves over to a particular belief system and identity. Truth be told, this world want and need ordinary people to be born every day, in order to maintain the ordinary operation of this world. When an ordinary person dies mourning occurs for different reasons. The ordinary family and friends mourn the loss of a loved one. The wealthy of this world mourn the loss of a revenue stream. The religious system of this world mourns the loss of a convert to interventionism. This list is endless as to the impact of losing ordinary people are to this world. Even to extraordinary people, there’s an impact from the loss of ordinary people in this world. Because ordinary people of this world also feed the extraordinary as well.

Despite this picture that appears to be filled with gloom for some, the truth is that one can make the empowered decision to free themselves from remaining a member of the ordinary people of this world. Instead, one can seek, embrace, and unwavering decide to be extraordinary. What is the difference you may ask?Extraordinary people are not thinking, seeking, or identifying with this world. They are not seeking the fame and fortune of this world. Instead, they are coming to terms with the world, that is beyond fame or fortune.’ Extraordinary people aren’t looking to be motivated. Instead through self-realization, they are inspired as they discover truly who they are, what they are really are, and have the opportunity to be connected too. Extraordinary people, recognize and are fully aware that they don’t need to enroll, become a graduate of an elite school to be extraordinary. As an extraordinary person, you begin living beyond glamorization. As one embrace being extraordinary, you begin to fully embrace the responsibility of being inspired to explore the abundance of light or knowledge that unlock the self-realization of our Higher Self. No longer will you live as a victim of being fooled by those of this world. No longer will your talent go unfilled or realized. Nearly, as well, becoming continuously inspired will lead you to activate those talents to ignite your Higher True Purpose. Begin living as what you are, A Favorite Child, Empowered Ready to Take The Bold Step for Life.