You dated this guy and didn’t even realize it !!!

Maybe you never had a boyfriend or you might’ve had plenty. The basic consensus is that women are always drawn to specific kinds of guys. Like, guys who are masculine, caring, loyal or outright disrespectful. Guys are a little tricky to figure out. Every Guy is different in his own unique way and we’re here to explain why women fall for a specific kind of guy.

1. The Rebound Guy

So you had a boyfriend and he was this’n that and you left him and now you got a new boyfriend. Our focus is on that next guy. Your Rebound. Rebound guys have the best chance of scoring chicks cause the women in question will look for comfort, loyalty and a sound ear, even if the bugger looks like a fender bender. Guys never get it how other idiot men score hot chicks, well, they are the rebound guys.

The rebound Guy looks for the perfect opportunity to present himself. Always alert to all news and drama and is ready to pounce on chicks the first chance he gets. These relationships are unsustainable and avoiding one is pretty simple.

Lastly maintaining relationships are hard. Stop dating the first guy in line after a breakup.

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We call him

2. The Hunk

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