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Dear Community,

We are pleased to announce the new tool for HYBSE, from our American listing partner BlackBull, that will assist us and the community with trading effectively on HYBSE, while we finish the development from our side. Banxpal, a convenient listing portal, offers a whole new way to registering, opening an account and making Fiat deposits on HYBSE.


Users are now able to open an account quickly and with ease, participate in the latest IBOs and exchange or deposit funds into an already registered account. Additionally, hybse.banxpal gives the opportunity to exchange Fiat into DIM Currencies (Stablecoins), at a faster pace. Regarding the above, it is now possible for a user to simply open an account with HYBSE, deposit Fiat money with Da Vinci Capital Partners (our trustee partner in Zurich), and begin trading once the DIM Currency equivalent is sent back to the HYBSE account. Alternatively, users can log on from the KKOG landing page with their email address, state the number of shares they are interested in, confirm the transaction and receive the invoice sent directly to them.

While DIM X will eventually have the same features, this new tool will act as an interim solution as we conclude the development of DIM X and get HYBSE ready for its release. The South African and Indian team are focusing on the technical background and development while BlackBull focuses on the marketing and invoicing.

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