MAST ATO is now live —

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Please note that transactions can take up to 180 minutes to be completed.

We are pleased to announce that Grant Thorton LLP, the seventh largest accounting network in the world, was the evaluation reviewer for HYBSE Marketplace Ltd. As mentioned in a previous announcement, the combined equity evaluation of HM, GMEX and MINDEX totals to $787.3 million.*

The official DIMCOIN Telegram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channel names will be changed to DIM Ecosystem. As the developments have grown since the DIMCOIN ICO, the DIM Ecosystem channels will encompass all product and service updates while maintaining the same community.
DIM X will now act as an escrow service for DIM Tokens with a 1% escrow fee. Users will be able to buy DIM Tokens at a fixed price made by the team, according to the DIM Token market activity. Users will only be able to sell their DIM Tokens if there is BTC available from previous or ongoing purchases. 
The DIM Executive team supplied the initial amount of DIM Tokens from their personal investment during the ICO. The intention was always to bring a portion back to the community, mainly for marketing purposes.
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*Grant Thornton have reviewed the valuation of GMEX Holdings Limited, MINDEX Holdings Limited and HYBSE Marketplace Limited as prepared by the management of GMEX Group Limited.

Grant Thornton have reviewed the valuation assumptions and workings and are satisfied with them. The review was based on management’s prepared forecasts based on its expertise and understanding of the businesses. Although Grant Thornton have performed a high-level review of the forecasts, with some of these businesses being early-stage operations, it should be noted that the forecast financials can be subject to ongoing changes and some level of uncertainty subject to the performance of each business.

The above should not be construed as investment advice; specifically Grant Thornton do not express any opinion on the suitability or otherwise of entering into any transaction in relation to GMEX Holdings Limited, MINDEX Holdings Limited or HYBSE Marketplace Limited