Love’s like another TKO, victory, arms in the air, reigning champ giving Post Traumatic Stress, beware, care too much - you may be thrown under the bus, care too little ~ you get caught middle of the storm, more than norm, beat down by the cupid, that’s stupid, where this Lil muahfucka come with his arrows, shoot another arrow at me again and have it shoved up ya ass! This warranted by a jaded past!

Cupid vs Meniskos

Round one, quick blows from the start, left, a right by Meniskos as cupib Bobs and weave, Meniskos catch cupid with the one, two, three, seven, six, fire…

Five and eight! Downs go Cupid, slow to get up thowing up the hearts he ate. Cupid is dazed, can’t be saved by the bell. Oh well, cupid up before ten, back at it again, shot another arrow, can’t reverse lovers to friends. Cupid wins another TKO again, sending Meniskos into yet another round of post traumatic stress… How can he address this defeat as a winner? This love shit is like having no blanket in the winter!

Love PTSD part one of many chapters of reoccurring chapters, like stuck on repeat, why the fuck love is so bitter sweet, because you perfectly wrong never right, caught up in a double standard fight. Misconstrue this too, naw, this time you’re right! Wrong becomes he, then she find it within thee soul to make his emotions go out of sight, out of mind, out of….. Time! Constant strain on thy soul is out of line!

Mensikos Da Great