Out of my element, set up on a path to be irrelevant, relevant to a mondaine living, giving the fact that I’m a prisoner to the system without bars but the bars is child support, government assistance, like foodstamps and medicaide holding me in, sanity tested daily.

Here at shur-valu looking at the people and their condition which is the reason why I want to escape this poverty living.

Stuck like chuck mentality gets you in an obese state of mind while unhealthy, un cleansed souls get left behind. Blind to the fact that the systems got them by the balls. Education system meant to fail you unless you have that house nigger incline that’s not willing to challenge their cause.

Or you’re an athlete prodigy, or some skill they can eventually take credit for. I’m here like what the fuck am I waiting for. I got to get the fuck up out of this low class living. Willing to sacrifice my freedom to live like a peasant to get upper class status.

The Urban Psalmist

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