I didn’t have time to talk to you like I wanted on the 17th of November. Everything moved fast as lightening. The entire experience was marvelous and the WBC honoring me at the end of the night was even more awesome.

I didn’t tell you how much grateful that I am for you being a part of this journey and felt the connection to my story. I am not a perfect man at all, still fighting and maneuvering through the storms to get to your level of life where I can truly be the father I long to be.

The first session of my mission is complete and the real grind starts now. Putting the right people in place for I can continue to rise and fulfill my dreams as a screenwriter, actor, and director. I know I have aspirations to fight again, and if I don’t ever lace up gloves again, I will continue to mentor and help people along the way who face similar roadblocks that occurred in my life.

I’m bonding with my sons, my daughter and I are at a snails pace in rebuilding but in time, I believe her and I will have that father-daughter relationship. I’m still living borderline homeless with my 2nd oldest son, and in the face of homelessness I’m standing strong, fighting to survive above the rut. When the Bell Rings is saving my life slowly as I thank Jason Bucy, Brad Bores and Trish Jackson, because without them, I’ll be probably a statistic or in the thereafter. Why? At the time unhealthy living, uncleansed soul and “lack thereof” bug was weighing heavy upon my shoulders.

I thank you for your team for getting the ‘When the Bell Rings’ out there. Thank you for believing in me as well. I love the what you are going with the family defense. How can I be a part of building strong family programs in the communities that truly are in need?

When the Bell Rings is making its mark and becoming quoted by many “One of the best autobiographical sports documentaries ever seen.

To my readers if you hadn’t seen When the Bell Rings, you can get a copy at and or iTunes.

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