The “Feather” propping a thin connection between now or never, in amidst the storm between an old sibling rivalry. They say blood is thicker than water, what water are they referring too, slew full of families members act a little fickle or sour like a pickle, stuck up in their ways above but wallow below the lows. Throwing sledge hammer word blows, makings of the sheep that’s black, fact lead into more sledge hammer words, absurd how you think family today is bonded by love. Yet being stubborn on the course of a lengthy stint of reality — check yourself before venting aimlessly, wrecking whatever was established until they see fame in thee. They’ll be soon coming out of the wood works too late, like clock work, orange is the color of this timely theme, their mean words forever etched in the memory from the two faced beast, free from their superficial bond as the feather is now released.

Meniskos Da Great

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