Facebook launches ‘facebook lite’ which is a super cool and smart move by Facebook, but why?

There is no secret that Facebook is reaching limits, but they understand that and Zuk is an assassin when it comes to reach, understanding growth and seeing where the viewership is, I mean that’s why they purchased Instagram and snapchat so early and it has a million % helped the company since these platforms have been SO successful.

Now, Facebook has launched Facebook Lite a 252KB app made for android. This is an incredibly smart move by Facebook, they are looking to really make this fb thing WORLDWIDE. Facebook Lite is for the less developed countries who can’t afford an iPhone, it’s made for the phones that aren’t heavy video driven or audio driven, mainly the for the phones that generally are still, in respects, on sms/call faze only.

It’s simple, slick and runs very efficiently to get facebooks original Core structure of simple status sharing for communication with friends.

Facebook really wants the India, African and parts of the Russian markets. They feel as tho everyone should be connect and since the launch of Internet.org and now Facebook Lite – they are very one step closer to world connectivity!

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