What to do in your first meet with a client

one of the most unexpected meetings with your client is in fact, when you first meet your client. Those first words, that first look, the most important — That first ‘full’ impression.

When i say first ‘full’ impression, it’s not the first thing you say, the first thing they look at, i mean what they walk away from the meeting with. You always want to focus on knowing what they will take away from the meeting BEFORE attending the meeting it’s self.

so what should you do before attending this meeting?

Watch the story unfold before it does.

In all meetings you need to be prepared. Not only in your image and your intellectual understanding of their company, but be prepared for the story of the meeting, some people just read that like :/ … ill say it again, ‘be prepared for the story of the meeting’!!!

This means understand what the client is looking for before you meet them, understand what you can provide, think of the questions that they are going to ask, have the answers to those questions, think of similar scenarios that has happened in the past that you have overcome (scenarios that are similar to the one that you will over come with the client), play the meeting in your head and know you can tick all of the boxes that they are looking for.

Once you have watched the story prior to the story unfolding - prepare your questions. You should always have specific questions that you ask that will lead to you knowing exactly what the customer NEEDS, WANTS and EXPECTS. After you have got that ammunition, you are ready to load up and shoot their targets down!

Have everything checked before you enter the meeting — know the meetings story.

-Questions — Here is the 3 particularly solid questions that i always ask my clients and it always gives me what i need by the end of the meeting and it leaves me satisfied that the client knows what i will be doing for them;

1st - What is your KPI? (Key Performance Indicator)

This is a question that all of you should be asking your clients no matter what. The exact thing that they are looking to get accomplished, whether that be sales? Views? Press? Store footwork? Online Store Drive?…etc. i’m sure most of you are doing this BUT putting this as a first question, allows the client to understand that you are not playing, you want to know EXACTLY the thing that they most want to accomplished, from signing with your service.

2 - How do you believe we can do that?

This allows your client to express their expectations of your service, so then you are free to see and measure what their thought patterns towards your service are, and it also shows what they think you can/will be doing to accomplish the KPI.

3 - What are the negatives?

This is the last thing before your ‘outro’, and i say outro because you don’t finish on this last question. Now this question is designed to get clear transparency of the company and it will also allow you to be transparent at this point to create a higher connection with the client and inevitably commence and exactly execute the service. Most wont give you all the negatives of the company such as, worker conflict, management conflicts, budget struggles…etc whatever it may be. What effects them mentally will effect your image to them, if there is even a smidgen of latency in their expectations. So you need to try and be forth coming and be clear of your intentions of this information. Mine is, the more i know about the company, the more i can help the company — simple.

p.s ALWAYS Be On Time.