The British Embassy The Hague, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency and Holland FinTech will co-host the UK-NL Cyber Fintech Summit (CFS2020) on 20 February at the New Babylon Conference Centre in The Hague.

Featured speakers include Benoît Legrand (Chief Innovation Officer, ING), Peter Wilson (HM Ambassador to the Netherlands), Henry Pearson (the UK Cyber Ambassador) and Eleanor Boekholt-O’Sullivan (Commander of the Netherlands Cyber Command). The CFS2020 will highlight the strong bilateral relationship between the United Kingdom and the Netherlands in cyber security, financial services, entrepreneurship and innovation.

An expected 1000 attendees from business, academia and government will connect…

IP information, server logs, communications records: cyber data is big, complex, and generated every millisecond.

Threat analysts sift through billions of alerts daily to determine what’s relevant and worth acting upon. It’s an overwhelming job and, if not done effectively, important alerts get missed, network vulnerabilities are exploited and post-attack forensics lack insight.

Later this month, I’m presenting at the Cyber & FinTech Summit in The Hague to explain why graph visualization tools should be part of your cyber solution.

A quick definition of graph visualization

Graph visualization can be a confusing term. It’s not the standard pie charts and…

For most of the past 140 years since the invention of telephone, businesses and government organisations have relied on national telecommunications companies for the delivery of real-time communications (RTC) services. This has changed to the alternative IP based services running over the Internet and specific data in transit/motion applications become available to everyone with an internet connection. This trend has reached the point where the old Telecom companies, are switching their service delivery to IP networks (ISDN to SIP Trunking). All IP based RTC services require complex cybersecurity controls to protect the privacy and integrity of information transmitted over universal…

Kicking off our UK Country Track at the CSW Expo, Tom Haye, Chief Officer at the Hampshire Constabulary, will give a presentation about their Cyber Volunteers programme, where industry experts are recruited as volunteers for the police department. Over the next 18 months, this programme will be scaled on the national level in the UK, amounting to over 250 volunteers in total.

Based on these experiences, the Dutch National Police is aiming to implement the same system here, and has already been discussed in parliament ( …

Only 4 days left before our expo programme! Time to put our participants in the spotlight. We hereby give the (virtual) floor to Ammi Virk, Head of Intelligence at Hexegic.

Hexegic is a privately-owned company specialising in Cyber Risk and Intelligence. With a footprint in Oxford and The Hague, the company enables accelerating organisations to meet today’s challenges; to improve insights, to underpin investments, to mitigate risks and to advance cyber security beyond the competition and threats. Hexegic’s ethos is to ‘Deliver Excellence Differently’ in order to empower clients and enhance organisational resilience through knowledge share across:

Cyber. Hexegic’s cyber…

Only 4 days left before our expo programme! Time to put our participants in the spotlight. We hereby give the (virtual) floor to Vince Warrington, Founder and Director of Protective Intelligence.

Protective Intelligence is a UK-based cyber security consultancy with experience across Europe, Southern Africa, the Middle East and Latin America. One of our offerings is a thematic sectoral review of cyber resilience capabilities based on our work with the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority and particularly relevant to the financial services sector in most territories. …

Building on the success of the last two showcases, the British Embassy is excited to participate again in this year’s Cyber Security Week The Hague. We’ve got a dedicated programme track where we want to showcase our companies and expertise, and please join us for our closing drinks at the pavilion to talk further! You can sign up at

TL;DR? Check out our flyer here.

Impression of our 2017 Showcase

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DIT the Netherlands helps UK companies increase their competitiveness through overseas trade in the Netherlands.

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