Hand-painted Tee-Shirts

Painting tee-shirts is absolutely one of the most loved hobbies coming from all times. There’s such satisfaction in creating something that’s beautiful. To inform you the reality, I have faith that there’s even more satisfaction in sharing something enjoyed creating; if it was for fun or profit. An important get into designing painted by hand tee-shirts is choosing the right paints for fabric.

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The correct paints are pre-designed especially for fabric paintings. These come in dimensional and non-dimensional formulations where you can wide array of finishes. Once you’ve determined which finish you use (and you might opt for many of them) you might be was just about to take a look with a fun experience.

T-shirt Painting

Here are a couple key materials you will want:

- Tee-shirt
- Paints
- Wax paper or even a shirt board
- Styling brushes
- Water container
- Hand towels

Should you be only starting out, try not to develop overwhelm yourself having an elaborate design. The reality of the matter is not hard designs could possibly be the more impactful designs. So, begin with a little section and develop your design from that point.

Depending on which kind of paints you are using you have to be strategic in that you place your artistry. Some paints for fabric are a bit abrasive when dried and limit your technique garment for those who have small kids. Conversely there are many paints that have an incredibly soft feel and wouldn’t be an issue whether or not this would cover your entire tee-shirt.

Fabric painting is not only limited to women although we usually see females and kids in elaborately painted tee-shirts. But quite the contrary, males have been wearing painted tees for a lot of, decades. Lots of screen printed shirts males are now ablaze with studs and sparkle. The more common form of tee-shirt painting for males however is air-brushing. This allows the boys to convey a more masculine look with strong and impactful designs.

Women however generally gravitate towards the floral or abstract designs. Some fall in love with the glitz from your glitter paint or the sparkling gems which are available nowadays to tee-shirt artists in a multiplicity of colors.

But whether it’s for man, women or child, creating a hand painted tee-shirt could be a most rewarding pastime and a neat approach to create a fun wardrobe for the whole family.

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