Digital Immune System

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Mar 16 · 1 min read

This is a re-post of a healthscience newsletter (all past newsletters )

I was going to re-post a link to the talk I gave at on creating a digital immune system for the world back in 2016. Complete with a prototype. Many learnings. 1) I just found out right now that entity went under so the video has gone (maybe to reappear), we promise this will not happen on a 2) Many have seen the need to work on creating a digital immune system, technologists to environmentalist etc. but we have failed to deliver. Why is this? From a crypto point of view, I think there is a prevailing logic that replacing the current financial system with a new one is the first stage of transition. I think this is flawed. The transition needs to be from a monetary system to a post-monetary system. Information is where we are at technologically, to realise this potential we need to release ourselves from money or economic rationality that worked for the past. This thinking explains clearly why very little investment of attention and money has focused on building out a digital immune system, it promises no economic or monetary return but something much more practical and valuable. We, individually and collectively know the choices before us, let’s choose a digital immune system over a new monetary charade.

DIY HealthScience LAB

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