Digital Marketing Trends to Watch For In 2017

Yes, it is that time of the year when industries start looking at what lies ahead in the coming year. Indeed time flies and now we are here in the end of 2016 to talk about the digital marketing trends to watch for in 2017.

Let’s take a closer look now

The increasing demand and dominance of video advertisement will prevail in 2017

video advertisement

Although video advertisements are not anything new for the social media giants like Facebook and YouTube the news that Google also eyes to enter into the fray with video ads in the SERPs will surely be the game changer in the spectrum of digital marketing and online advertisement. This also points out the growing acceptance of video ads among users.

Mobile will simply dominate desktop

Indeed; 2016 was a big year for mobile. We have witnessed how Google virtually phased-out all websites that were not optimized for the mobile audience. Mobile search and optimization should therefore remain the top priority for digital marketers even in 2017 as well.

Dedicated apps will yet again craft a niche

For the uninitiated; a dedicated application offers all the features of a mobile-optimized website but in a rather convenient, accessible and intuitive way. It won’t be an overstatement to say Google’s app indexing feature will definitely bring in more advantages to having a dedicated app in the near future. Of course we are still away from apps replacing portals and websites completely, however business owners are finally realizing the potential of dedicated apps. Sure; 2017 would be a crucial year in mobile app development.

Watch out for social conversions in 2017

social conversions

A lot of ink has been invested in writing about the power of social media. According to digital marketing Gurus the online communities will not anymore be restricted to attracting new prospects and consumer conversation but social media in 2017 will also provide opportunities for improving the conversion rates. To put simply; social media will continue to work as new conversion channels and provide you with the tools to convert leads into buyers.

2017 will be the year of smart devices and wearable technology

The unveiling of the Google Glass, Apple iWatch, Moto 360, and other smart wearable devices has kept us connected with the digital world. In fact; the year 2017 will see even more of such innovations in wearable technology that may change the sheer landscape of local marketing.

Believe it or not; search algorithm will change and change yet again

Whether we like it or not the search algorithms will change in 2017 again. With the mammoth amount of information being added to the World Wide Web almost every day, every hour and every second, it’s pretty obvious that search engine giants will keep on updating their algorithm to determine the priority and rank of the content in the SERPs. The only strategy therefore should be to stay informative and 100% original. Also; digital marketers should not only remain focused only on Google’s algorithm but also should render due consideration to Facebook’s and Bing’s algorithm as well.

That’s right; online advertising will become rather expensive

There is no denying that the competition for online dominance and space over the internet will expand further in 2017. As the demand escalates for the top advertising spots the online advertising prices will also increase. Expect more optimized advertisement alternatives in the coming year.

High-quality unique content will be the key

Content will continue to remain as the essential part of any online marketing campaign in the coming year. The key will be to write high-quality, interactive, unique content with which the readers can connect. Subject matter experts will be in high demand in 2017.

Still the question remains unanswered — What are top trends in digital marketing to watch for in 2017?

We’ve done some amount of research on this question and found some interesting trends to watch on for both the B2C and the B2B marketer.

B2C Digital Marketing Trends to watch for in 2017

Virtual Reality and the augmented reality

Google in the month of October announced its virtual platform Daydream As per Google — Daydream takes you on incredible adventures in virtual reality. For the uninitiated; this platform is to be built into the Android operating system and it includes both the software and the hardware specifications. To put it simply; Google wishes to create the Android of Virtual Reality while luring and encouraging the android phone makers to build their phones around daydream. According to market report Google’s Daydream has been received well throughout. Additionally; pokémon Go was a phenomenon of 2016. A report stated, Pokémon Go had been downloaded 15 million times and the game was played by 21 million of active users. Considering the response that both Pokémon and Google Daydream has got its pretty safe to expect more in the near future. Yes; this is definitely good news for the digital marketers as this will allow them to place advertisements in a virtual and altered reality.

Expect the mobile dominance to prevail

Finally the Mobile devices have materialized as the most preferred device, which has further impacted the business connectivity. The mobile messaging apps such as the WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat or Snapchat has now become the primary ways to communicate effectively, securely and quickly. Digital marketers have also started to target these platforms for reaching consumers.

Video will still be the King

The year 2016 saw the emergence of several video based social platforms such as SnapChat and parachute. Since then businesses have identified it as the best way to engage with their customers. Facebook too launched Facebook Live video platform. This means video advertising is no longer restricted to the television slots rather it has gained a multi-channel facet. It goes without saying videos will become further important in 2017.

Conversion Rate Optimization

As briefed earlier CRO is typically a marketing strategy, which is utilized for influencing the site’s visitors into customers. The marketing strategy is made up of a number of components like; response tracking, audience segment testing and advertising testing. Conversion Rate Optimization will continue to be significant for businesses in their digital strategy for 2017.

B2B Digital Marketing Trends to watch for in 2017

Digital Marketing will continue to be the undisputed star

Possibly we all know this; digital marketing has moved from being just an “additional piece” of an overall strategy. On the contrary; digital marketing has slowly evolved as the most crucial and integral part of marketing strategy. While in 2016, digital efforts were simply beneficial for businesses but in 2017 digital marketing will remain as the imperative avenue for maximum beneficial result.

Personalization with a human touch

B2B businesses have seen the value of rendering a personalized experience to their customers. The formal trade shows are slowly becoming the thing of past. The year 2017 will enable the digital marketers in reaching their customers through a rather personalized social medium, like news feed and Facebook

Word of mouth marketing

Advocate marketing also termed as “word-of-mouth” advertising is still effective and still very powerful. But the traditional meaning of advocate marketing has gained a digital edge. Online reviews and referrals from happy customers add value and also bring in qualified leads. The B2B marketers are already using these for driving business online.

E-mail Marketing will gain a renewed interest

While many of us expected that email marketing as a digital strategy will decline but it hasn’t. On the contrary email marketing will most likely gain a renewed interest in 2017. Thanks to the wearable technology and proliferation of smart devices that allow customers to read e-mails anywhere and anytime and on any device e-mail marketing will continue to be a great way for B2B businesses to stay connected.

Social Media for B2B businesses

Yes, LinkedIn and Twitter have proven to be incredible tools for B2B businesses to grow and to stay connected. It is also important for the B2B businesses to prioritize social media and leverage the platforms that are the most effective for their business.

Video Content for B2B marketers

There is no denying that B2B businesses will be able to reap the maximum benefits from video-based content. Facebook Live, YouTube and Vimeo are now popular ways to share video content. Of course; video contents will enable the B2B marketers to offer demos, tutorials and to cover business events.

What do you expect for 2017? Share with us your views and thoughts about the digital marketing trends for 2017

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