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All about Immersive Storytelling

Experiential marketing, once just an afterthought to mainstream marketing has now emerged as the backbone to the growing branding landscape. Experiential marketing with real time storytelling are providing fodder for social media feeds. As things stand now story telling has now become the foundation of PR, Branding and marketing programs.

Storytelling through Experiential Marketing

Everyone loves a good story. This holds true for everyone. This is true in film, literature, television, music and media. Yes; this is also true in modern brand marketing.

Every brand has a story to tell. Your brand too!

Believe it or not; storytelling has become the hottest thing in marketing. Every brand has a story to tell. Doesn’t really matter if it’s a TV show, a deodorant, an automobile or an insurance company — every brand has their own story to tell. Each story also taps into consumers’ most positive emotions while making the consumer feel more connected to the brand. The story on the other hand can be anything that the brand wants to tell. For instance; it can be one of the history and legacies of the brand, it can be based on the brand’s popular marketing platform, or can be based on the brand’s ability to help consumers in telling their own stories.

Experiential marketing leads the way….

Those of us who work in branding have long known that some of our effective work is built around brand story telling. This is also where brands can actually bring their stories to life. Doesn’t really matter if it’s at the sporting event, or at the parking lot, or at the high-visibility city square, relying on a seamless storytelling technique will be able to create an authentic brand experience. With this comes all the positive elements of social media-driven storytelling, which can be easily deployed within the experiential environment. Yes; it is all about delivering the brand story beyond participants and into their social circles.

The fact of the matter is; just like any good story the experiential story should also arrest the attention of the audience. Experiential brand story should make them feel better, make them believe in the brand, make them want to share the brand’s story.

So; what’s your brand’s story? How will you be able to bring it to life?

Simply put; experiential storytelling is all about sharing your brand’s story that makes your brand different

So; what’s the secret to creating a great story? Here are the step by step approaches to craft your own storytelling.

Step 1: Speak only the truth. Yes; transparency and honesty stands as the important element in brand storytelling. Although you are crafting “stories,” however your stories need to be rooted deep into your brand reality. Simply put; your brand’s story must adhere to the three primary steps of brand-building:




Be creative but do not deviate from your brand promise. Also; don’t make the story too confusing. Remember; confusion is the biggest brand killer.

Step 2: Infuse personalities into the story. Face it; brand stories are not ads and marketing materials. They are also not the boring sales pitches. Brand stories need to be told with the brand persona in mind and with the writer’s personality right at the center stage.

Step 3: Create compelling characters that your audience will love and can connect with. You absolutely don’t need to create ant fictional character or a brand mascot for telling the brand stories. All you have to do is to create buyer personas and tell stories from their perspectives. Create characters that allows your audience to feel connected to

Step 4: Your story should have a clear beginning, middle and end. Yes; fiction stories follow a structure, which includes a clear beginning, middle, and an end. Your brand story should have a similar pattern. Right in the beginning establish your story setting and introduce the characters. The middle should relate to the main character’s problem and the conflicts that he/she may have faced before finding the solution. The character can find resolution in the end.

Step 5: Ensure that your brand stories are page turners. You need take your reader along for the ride with your brand’s story.

A tip? Consider using “Watch This Space” hooks on your social media profiles or you may also release teasers via Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, email.

Let’s not deny; the digital natives love live experiences. The digital natives want their brands to have a personality that interact with them one-on-one.

Experiential marketing is not just passing out premiums. It is all about figuratively connecting the consumers with the brand. It’s all about humanizing a brand, driving engagement and modifying behavior.

We help you create that ultimate connection between your brand and your customers

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