America: A Nation of Prophets

Tell me again why ethnic cleansing is protected by freedom of speech.

If one person with violent ideology confronts another with opposing views, it is reasonable to assume both people will leave the confrontation with both of their lives. Given there are no weapons involved. Well, remember when people used to grab pitchforks and form mobs? Pretty dangerous, right? Most of the time, back in the old days, someone would die after said mob would form. In fact, if one mob, without weapons, assaulted one person… That one person has a very likely chance of, at the very least, suffering very severe injuries. Now, if one mob with violent views confronted one person…

Are we supposed to trust a gathering of people based solely on the color of their skin? Is it “peace” when people with a racist message demonstrate in large numbers? Or, wouldn’t the logical conclusion be that people of a different race may be in danger?

The white supremacists in Charlottesville were not holding daisies, or roses, or any kind of flower. They were holding torches, that were lit, with fire. It could have been a fire hazard... Fire is dangerous. I know if I walked down the street with a lit torch, at least one person one tell me to put it out. I’m sure a cop would not be too happy with me, either.

Is white privilege real, who knows. All I’m saying is, would they know? Would these racists know they are given special treatment? Does a dog know it’s a dog or is it just a dog because it only knows to be a dog?

We all know the history of the world. If our current science is correct: we evolved; societies formed; then came colonization and all that. Basically, white males have been in charge for some time. Would a bunch of Nazis know they are privileged? Would any white person who has never questioned anything in their life, for that matter?

For some reason, people, not necessarily white, also know the future. They are able to predict the upcoming race wars that will destroy us all if we do not tell protesters of police brutality to let it go. How is it that these people know everything but how to prevent the actual violence that takes place. They don’t know the answer but they sure do know this isn’t the way to do it. Yes, anything but that, they’ll say. They claim to be logical thinkers, not prophets, by the way, but could not explain to you the logic in being run over by a car with an extremist driver behind the wheel, who is a white terrorist because his cause is white supremacy, in the name of peace and protected by the first amendment, and who could not be avoided in any way because we like to flirt with the true definition of terrorism and extremism in this country.