Regionomics: A Documentary About a Documentary

Well, it’s 1 in the morning and I am on Medium, a site I have only used once before. (This would be an excellent way to open my latest idea for a new film.) Picture this: a documentary about making a documentary.

Much better than my first idea. Well, not better. More bankable. Probably. A film titled Creative Mind: A Film About a True Artist. Just 70 hours of a camera following me around as I decide what to do for a new film. It’s a mockumentary.

I would laugh.

Instead, you get a movie that comes highly recommended from a professor AND a know-it-all yuppie lawyer, or something. In which case, making it actually does not matter.

Basically, I walk around downtown (for hours) and tell strangers that I am making a film. I sit in front of a computer, for most of the film, I’m guessing. I realize the answer was there all along, in my heart. The End.