Phantom 3 SE vs Phantom 3 Standard

With the release of the Phantom 3 SE, you may be pondering which drone you should get out of a choice of Phantom 3 Standard $499 or the Phantom 3 SE $599. This buying guide aims to make the differences between the two of them clear, so you can make the right decision based on your needs. So let’s take a look at Phantom 3 SE vs Phantom 3 Standard.

General Specifications

There isn’t much difference between the two drones in this category, so we shall look at what’s the same first. Both drones have a max flight time of about 25 minutes and a max speed of 57 kph. The only real difference is the weight as the Phantom SE weighs a slightly heavier 1236g vs the Phantom 3 Standard 1216g.

Transmission Distance and Remote Controllers

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