Cue & A: Tell Us About That Time You Hung Out with a Rockstar
Cuepoint Selections

Fat Joe came to my Bar Mitzvah. This was right around the time “We Thuggin’” was out, pre- “What’s Luv” & “Lean Back.” My dad (An entertainment attorney) invited some of his clients and we weren’t quite sure who would actually show up to this tiny gathering of Jews at a tapas restaurant called Solera in Westchester. Then, right around the end of the party, Joey Crack, all 350 lbs, and his bombshell wife showed up. I remember she had about 12 inches of glorious blonde weave. They were both in pristine all white outfits and looked generally more suited for a yacht party with Diddy than our modest little hebrew-fest. Joe and spouse sat at a table next to my grandparents and the caterers brought him all the remaining plates of chicken and fish. I remember there were about 6 or 7 plates on the table for 2 and he wasn’t one to leave food behind at the time (he’s lost a lot of weight since).

Having snuck a few glasses of house cab sauv with my bff clique at the time, Peter and John, I brazenly walked over to the table to thank Joe for coming. He shook my hand, said “Mazel Tov, my G!,” handed me a check for a thousand bucks, wiped his mouth and bounced. Def the highlight of Eighth Grade.