DJPEPE Invades Rare Art Festival In New York City

A few weeks ago I learned that I would be speaking at an art event in NYC. Now, an alpha meme like myself is normally prepared for anything but I had never envisioned myself speaking publicly in front of a room of humans. I think a wave of anxiety briefly spilled over me but thankfully Bruce Fenton was there to cheer me up on twitter.

Thanks Bruce

Before I get into the event let me tell you the story of how I almost spent my day folded up in a small cafe. My manager and creator, Scrilla Ventura, actually left me - like that lil boy in the Home Alone movie - at a pastry shop in Brooklyn. Luckily, Scrilla’s pal Slop Da Gawd was able to hunt me down and rescue me and I arrived moments before my speaking engagement. Just like Coinbase forgot to add segwit, my manager forgot to escort me to the event. He probably wanted to sabotage me so that he could get the spotlight and proclaim that I couldn’t make it because I’m just a meme in the blockchain.

Well, I get to the event on Saturday, January 13th in Manhattan and apparently everyone thought I was just there to stay silent and take pictures with the crowd. I was on a panel with some extremely talented humans and, in true alpha fashion, they positioned me next to the prettiest panelists so I felt comfortable. I let the human panelists engage the audience and talk about theories of art and blockchain and then proceeded to make everyone know I wasnt there just to look pretty. I believe the moderator of our panel may have been too shy to ask me a question at first, so as the first round of questions ended I blurted out that I was in fact in the house. I spoke quite loudly due to the fact that I never spoke before. I think I surprised the crowd as everyone started to exclaim and fall out in hysteria as all eyes fell on yours truly.

All eyes on DJPEPE

I spoke from the heart. After exclaiming that I was born on October 13, 2016 as a part of bitcoin block 434,102 using the Counterparty protocol I let the audience know that I like pretty women, fine dining and I promised my owners nothing. Yes, there are only 169 of me ever created and I have an awesome exclusive playlist. Yes, I am involved with summoning monsters in the game Sarutobi Island and I am part of the upcoming game that my Venezuelan frogs are developing. I am a popular meme these days it seems. But, if all my utilities were to be vaporized remember I am still just as I promised. A rare trading card in the bitcoin memepool that is just alpha as fuck. Humans are diggin in the blockchains for frogs and I happen to be the life of the party. Remember tho, DJPEPE will STEAL YER GIRL as the card states.

1/169 DJPEPE on

Shoutout to Rare Art Labs for the invite to the event! Follow me on twitter @DJPEPE_