You work, you deliver. Then you plan a new project, you work harder, you over deliver. This has been my life rhythm in the last years, almost never stopping to think what I had achieved.

In networking often times you stumble upon great colleagues, that was the case after meeting Paolo Fabrizio at the Social Customer Service Summit in London, he wanted to interview me for his Social Media Scrum podcast. Normally it’s been me the inquisitor — for those who know me well the one always making the uncomfortable questions — but getting to the other side of the dialogue was something new to me. You can listen to the interesting conversation — in Italian — with Paolo here.

A couple of months later another great Social Care Pro Kriti Kapoor graciously recommended me for another interview, this time with the über cool Dan Gingiss and Dan Moriarty for their Focus On Customer Service podcast. It was an insightful exchange of ideas going through my last 6 years of Social Media projects. Here the recording of #FOCS if you want to dig into it.

What crossed my mind during all this podcasting thingy, and what I suggest you reflect on.

  • I truly had not realised how mammoth projects I was handling, until I started to collect numbers and summarise teams and resources involved >> Are you aware of the dimension of your daily job and how high is the price your health is paying?
  • Coordinating dozens of people spread across the globe might sound like a daunting task, but we had a lot of fun on our conference calls >> Jokes included, how are you perceived by your stakeholders and what’s the impact you have on them?
  • According to the metrics, my teams and I were delivering great customer experiences, that is all good when you want to impress your boss >> What’s the real value — beyond corporate reports — that you’re offering to your customers?

Sometimes we work so frantically that is difficult to pause and see our own career in perspective. The endless frenzy to always deliver on time, on budget and with top marks prevents us from realising how big of a project we’ve in our hands, and how we’re impacting the lives of those working with us.

During this summer I’ve taken a pause after closing the Nokia-Microsoft chapter of my life, one of the most challenging but definitely rewarding in my career. Conferences still come and go, hopefully, more podcasts will follow too — as new learnings — or perhaps I’ll start my very own, or write that book that has been buzzing on my mind for awhile. Anyway, more than ready to go after the next adventure!

Let’s talk about learning anytime, or podcasting, or Social Media for a change :D I go by the name @DJVassallo on Twitter.

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