Black God: The Importance of African Spirituality

In 2014, I was starting to get interested into black/African spirituality. I was really getting into it because I put my spiritual journey because the conscious community starting have too many issues. It was people being hypocritical and people hating on other groups of people, but claiming they are about peace. Another thing was that I kind of felt discouraged by others. There’s folks who will call you “hotep” as an insult. Yesterday however, I realized I will continue my journey so that I can elevate myself to a higher consciousness and really love myself as a black man living in America. I found out about a man named Yahweh Ben Yahweh. I don’t really agree with Hebrew Israelites, but that man was on point. He presented his information very intelligently. Black people in America are from West Africa though. That’s just a fact. We are Africans. Africa is the “motherland”, not Israel. After watching him, it led me to watch the scholars and revolutionaries that I used to listen to like Dr. Khalid Muhammad and Dr. Phil Valentine. I am an atheist in the sense that I don’t believe in some thing in the sky, but I am a spiritual being. Even though writing started to make me feel a bit better, getting back into African spirituality has made me feel even more better. Black people, European spirituality/religion will not make you happy. Spirituality made by Europeans wasn’t made for you. You wonder why you keep praying to a white Yahweh and never get anything done? It wasn’t made for you and you don’t work. Faith without works will not get anything you want accomplished. Black women, you want to know why a lot of Christian men try to shame you for expressing your femininity? It. wasn’t. made. for. you. Christianity blames women for everything wrong in the world. It starts even in the first chapter of the Bible. In African spirituality, you are the divine feminine. Black men, you wonder why you’re so damaged? It’s because you are trying to follow masculinity based on the standard of European Christians. You are the divine masculine. Stop trying to follow European hyper masculinity. It is harming you like crazy. Showing emotions doesn’t make you a weak man. More importantly, you are gods. You control your destiny. Black men are gods. Black women are gods. Black children are gods.

Think about it: the European religions you follow is the main reason why you have folks defending racist cops. If your god is a white man, you are subconsciously going to view every white man as righteous because you view your god as a righteous being. Another thing about the Christians in the community is that you love to be judgmental towards gay people, but Christianity definitely has to be the most homoerotic religion. According to Christianity, it’s all about the father, son, and holy spirit. I thought Christianity was so traditional. Why no mention of women and children? Look at the Catholic Church. The priests hardly marry women. It’s time for you to stop being hypocrites, people.

European religions keep you enslaved mentally. You’re not in chains, but your brain is locked up unfortunately. Black people, you are gods. When I say this, I’m not talking about a god that needs to be worshiped. I’m talking about being a person who makes their decisions and someone who is more than a “nigga” or a “bad bitch”. We have a very great history. Let’s start being great again. Get it tune with your spiritual self because that’s how you will empower yourself and empower the rest of the community.