Hood Goth

Everyone knows what the Gothic culture is. It officially started during the 1980’s, but the idea of being Gothic has been around since the 19th century with the literature. Edgar Allan Poe is the most famous writer to be morbid. Society tends to avoid Gothic people because they acknowledge that there’s a dark side to humanity. There’s different types of Goth people. You have the romantic goths, cyber goths, military goths, and many more. The one that gets left out the most though are the hood goths. People think the mainstream goth people are rebels? How about you meet some hood goth people? The title is self explanatory. They are goth people who live in the hood. It’s pretty simple as to why they never get mentioned: they’re black. When you normally think of that culture, you don’t think of black people in it. Another thing is that they even rebel against the mainstream goth culture. They don’t wear the typical goth attire. For them, it’s more about the mindset than the fashion. People think in order to be part of a subculture, you always have to abide by every rule. I think it’s nonsense. You can hate or ignore hood goth people all you want, but they’ve been here and they will stay here. Just look at hip-hop. Hood goth people have made huge contributions to hip-hop. They paved the way for a lot of rappers to be morbid in their raps. Before that, you had to be a gangster rapper or a political rapper. One good example is Three 6 Mafia. They broke a whole lot of rules in the rap game, yet look at them now. They have won Oscars and most rappers/producers sound identical to them. You did have groups like Geto Boys before them, but there was just something missing. Three 6 Mafia blended gangster rap with the goth sound.

I am a hood goth myself. Hearing Three 6 Mafia was dope, but another artist that really had me hyped was Space Ghost Purrp. Listening to Blackland Radio and God of Black 4 years ago really did put a smile on my face because he was bringing the hood goth music back for the current generation. You can hear the Memphis underground influence and you can also hear his own style in the rapping and production. He also got me even more into underground hip hop, specifically the Memphis underground and g-funk. I found out more artists besides the ones I’ve been listening to and the Memphis underground was really on that hood goth shit. No one really had that Gothic sound in the 90’s like they had it. The only person I could say that comes somewhat close is Esham from Detroit. He was the man that paved the way for Eminem’s style.

The point? Let’s stop thinking black people can’t be Gothic because there’s plenty of us that are. Acknowledging the dark side of humanity isn’t exclusive to white people at all. Shout out to all the hood goths out here. Much love.

Hood Goth Rap in the 90's:

Hood Goth Rap in 2016:

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