Missing a girl that I’ve met online


I know that many people think & say, that Tindr is full of shit. That meeting people online is so dumb, because at the end you don’t really know who’s on the other side.

But sometimes you get to know certain people, that you’ve met online, better. You exchange your Skype or even phone numbers, you start talking and sometimes even a small connection builds up between both of you.

And that’s what has happened to me. I’m from Europe & one day, while being on Omegle, I’ve accidentally met a girl my age from the US. We’ve started a small talk, like always, and after a few moments we’ve realised, that our families & backrounds (religious bullshit) are nearly the same. And the fire’s started to burn.

We’ve snapchatted for few weeks. Sometimes it’s been weird & funny — sometimes more serious. But it felt kind of cool. We haven’t had a direct way of talking — we did often play with each other something like small (non sexual) teases.

But after a certain point things got worse. I don’t want to blame any of us for it. So one day, she’s just “unadded” me from her Snapchat and that was it. Feeling kind of angry, I’ve removed her from my FB friends & decided to just forget her.

As easy, as it sounds — so it was during the first few days.

But after few weeks, looking back, I see the loose. I feel it. We’ve not met eachother in real life — even once. But I still feel kind of heartbroken. And it sucks.

Peace xx