My personal experience as a stuff member in a small Swiss “restaurant “


During my last summer holidays I had the opportunity to work in a small restaurant in a village in Switzerland called Rutihof.

I got the job from a friend of my parents.

On the first day I came with nice, white clothes & awaited some sort of introduction. And I got one. 5 minutes long. Basically — do what you can to keep the image of the local on a good level.

And so did I. Sometimes I worked my ass out to get things going. Despite the fact that my role was to work as a bartender (without any experience) I did everything — I had to clean & wash stuff + even serve dishes to the guests.

Don’t think that I’m racist but I want to bring up the point of the chef. The head of this whole circus was a pair of siblings from Turkey. One of them had their children & mum around the restaurant all the time — they were literally doing homework there or playing with their toys.

Sometimes, even when I had to do something, those 2 little girls (daughters) just took over my jobs — for instance, they had to fill up the glasses with beer or prepare other drinks, despite their ages of about 8 & 6 years + no knowledge.

The mom of the chefs was also taking over my things without even telling me about it.

After few days, my older sister could come there & work a little bit too — but after just few hours of work & NO introduction to her job, they said they didn’t like her. Yeah….

Anyway, I do also want you to hear some things that I assume are important for restaurant guests. To keep it short, they for example use(d) one & the same towel for drying clean glasses & picking up some sauces from the floor. Yummy.

So that was my bad experience. I know that not every restaurant in Switzerland is as bad as this one. Or I hope — at least ;)

Peace xx

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