Places to find new music for life


It’s Friday and the weekend is here so in case you’ll need some soundtrack — no matter what for — here are some free sources for you to find cool stuff on:

-> SoundCloud: throughout the years SoundCloud has grown to a great place for independent artists to publish their music on. You can search there by typing a specific genres or artists but I truly recommend to set up a free account (to be able to save your favorites) & just dive into it. From my personal experience that’s the best way to find new interesting artists & tracks there.

-> Spotify: many of you probably know Spotify already or have heard something about it. I personally do think that no matter what kind of stuff you like, with a free account & some short adds you’ll get a great experience of listening (+ discovering) new stuff. I would say that at this point Spotify is even on the better side — no matter when I’ll always find someone/something cool on there.

-> Suicide Sheep on YouTube: this channel is mostly for the people which are more into chillout sound.

But not only the ambient/electronic one. From short individual songs to full length mixes — every style and every relaxing sound is up there.

Let me know about your favorites.

Peace xx

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