Spotify + money for you

Lately I’ve seen this tweet by @SachaVibes — the music curator & A&R at Monstercat. Monstercat is a Canadian electronic music label that’s popular for example for its YouTube channel with a lot of great music up there.

And I want to say that I truly agree with this man, though I’m making music on my own & have always focused more on SoundCloud then Spotify.

The thing is that putting out a song on Spotify costs you something — while on SoundCloud it doesn’t (have to).

But on the other hand, as an artist, you’re putting your time & effort into your music and I think that this small investment will eventually pay off one day. If not in form of a direct profit then maybe in form of a wider promotion online. And that gets you gigs & deals. And those two get you money. (Way) more then you’ve invested in this Spotify release.

Peace xx

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