Why Trump isn’t as bad as he’s shown


You. Me. We all have different opinions.

But watching all the mainstream media has made me sick lately: I think that Trump is shown in the wrong way.

I come from Poland — the country that’s now called for being under a far right regime.

But we aren’t. Maybe I don’t support every opinion of my new president but I still think that my country isn’t threatened and that human rights are doing pretty well there.

You can go to a supermarket, you can go watch a movie, police won’t control your documents on every corner of the streets.

I’m observing a big change of the political power in the US similar to this in my country.

The liberals are losing their power — their media starts to spread fear and make the president and the new government look bad — people/groups who loose power start protesting. An always repeating circle.

But who wins at the end: the majority that has voted for Trump. That wants a change.

Peace xx

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