I call this look… Rosie the Belle’s Excellent Adventure

Rosemonde (affectionately known as Rosie) was born in New Orleans but spent her childhood at the best Southern finishing schools. A few weeks ago she was all set to get married to the same boyfriend she’s had since LSU (honors program) — Luke. Theirs had been a courtship full of ritual, and being an anthropology student, Rosie was obsessed. Late night walks down on the bayou, dinner with mother and daddy, and an expensive honeymoon booked in Peru, so Rosie could see Machu Picchu.

But after she walked in on Luke doing things to his best friend he’d always told her were “better saved for marriage,” it suddenly made sense that those late night talks never resulted in anything beyond some desperate (on her part) french kisses.

After a fit of tears and several declarations that “My life is over. Literally fucking over,” (Mother was aghast, nice ladies…language), Rosie convinced her dad to up her credit card limits and lend her his lexus. (Daddy never could say no when his princesse was suffering). She hit the road, hoping to make it to California, but stopped after days of driving because the epic sun in New Mexico was searing her into oblivion (swamp child in the desert). She just found this dress at a little boutique in Albuquerque. The guy working the cash register is a sexy southwestern DIY type, and he’s been giving her suggestive glances since she left the dressing room. But Rosie’s still too much of a studious little belle to notice. Next stop, Taos.

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