I agree to immediately support BIP148 to protect Bitcoin from the attempts of corporations to seize…
Alphonse Pace

UASF is nothing but a 51% attack on the network to force it to change Bitcoin. If they get it, and it works as designed, you will not be doing jack shit with it. You will be able to send money to people and companies…if the company running the LN payment channel you are using thinks its ok, and doesn’t at some point steal your money. You will not be able to afford to tx “on the blockchain” because you will be competing with companies that have to get “money transmitter” and “custodian” licenses in the states/countries where such licensure is already required in fiat markets, or where they have recently crafted/enacted legislation. So yeah, you’ll only pay “$.02” per tx (for now), but you’ll be forced to use one of these companies because you won’t be able to afford the $1,000/bit that they are willing to pay for block-space (anchoring back to the Bitcoin blockchain will get expensive when you are processing txs at a rate of 40k/ per second/$.02 per tx/”infinite” # of blocks between touch-backs….you do the math)….

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