UASF is a fork off, so by supporting it, you are quite a bit contradictory :-D
Alex Dusty

Well, as far as I can tell they are at 48% support. Good for them, maybe they will get it, and maybe it will be good for Bitcoin. Having reviewed a lot of paperwork concerning the subject, I am pretty sure it will be bad for Bitcoin, and will result in a project that does nothing to serve it’s initial purpose. Oh well, nothing to cry over. The thing that makes Bitcoin work is people. As it’s core values are violated, and disregarded, so declines the interest in it by those who keep it going through their participation.

As the recent Ethereum fiasco has shown, you can do a lot of wonderful things with cryptocurrencies, but the thing that makes them work as intended is people. Had Ethereum taken the harder road and not forked, they would be worth at least 2x what they are now, and be having ZERO issues with handling the load of all the ICOs the world can dream up!

Something to reflect on as Bitcoin faces a change that will most likely disincentivize those who have known what it’s like to not need a LN payment channel (a 3rd party intermediary encoded into a system designed to work without the need for 3rd party intermediaries) in order to tx with anyone in the world.