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this is literally the most tranphobic thing i’ve read in this class and that is a shame. Trans people don’t need to “Prove” their gender identity. No body forces cisgender people to prove that they are the gender they say that they are. Also not all trans people feel the need to get surgery and that is OK. that does not diminish the validity of their identity. This is also completely erasing non-binary people who have no option on ID cards. And there are a lot of trans people who do not want surgery. Not to mention Medical gate-keeping prevents trans people from getting any help that they need. Surgeries are thousands of dollars and most not covered from health insurance, trans people who are homeless or lower income are still valid even without surgery. you make it sound like we can go ask the magic surgery fairy and all of our wishes will come true. You need to very strongly educate yourself on the trans community, medical gate-keeping ect., because this! everything you said in this article is exactly what contributes to violence against the trans community.