Boston Red Sox: Dave Dombrowski’s latest comments a bit puzzling

By Arturo Pardavila III from Hoboken, NJ, USA [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

The set of comments delivered by Boston Red Sox president of baseball operations Dave Dombrowsk on Friday was quite puzzling. Per a report from Evan Drelich of, Dombrowski said Friday that the Red Sox starting pitching situation was fine, this coming a few hours after starter David Price was put on the disabled list.

Dombrowski did not think the team needed another starter before the July 31 trade deadline.

“No, not really,” Dombrowski said. “Like I’ve said all along, we’re really open to getting better however we can. We feel comfortable. Of course, we want David Price to start, but if not, we feel comfortable with Doug Fister moving into the rotation. He’ll take his spot. I’m not sure what day he’s going to pitch, Monday or Tuesday.

“We’re not going to go out and make a big trade for a starting pitcher. We’re still hopeful that David will be back at this point. … Doug’s first outing was solid, next two not as good. We thought he threw the ball real well after working on some mechanical things in Seattle the other day.”

For many Red Sox fans, having Fister in the rotation is making them anything but comfortable. To put it mildly, Fister has left a lot to be desired as of late. In four starts with the Red Sox, Fister has not won a game.

In total, his record is 0–5 in correlation with a 7.46 ERA. Those are not exactly sparkling numbers, and to suggest that he could be a key piece at this point moving forward is a bit absurd.

We do not know how Price is going to come back from this injury. After all, this is not the first time he has experienced elbow tightness. He experienced something similar to this two months ago, and this seems to be a lingering problem for him.

Then again, this injury may have been a phantom one, an excuse to avoid the waiting fans at Fenway as I wrote about earlier Friday.

Whatever the case may be, this rotation is unstable. Whether it be personal problems or injuries, Chris Sale and Drew Pomeranz have been the only consistently effective pitchers in the rotation to this point.

Dombrowski does not need to trade the farm for a star starting pitcher. He has done that already and quite frankly, who does he have left to trade? He has single-handedly helped the Chicago White Sox strengthen their farm system by dealing away top prospect Yoan Moncada. Yes, Chris Sale was part of that deal, one that appears to have been a good one for both sides. It did nothing to help the farm system however.

Dombrowski does need to address the position as the rotation is far from stable. He sounds complacent and happy with the rotation, and not only do I think they will not make a big trade, it sounds like they won’t make a trade at all. They cannot realistically win without a capable starter. If they want to compete with the Yankees (let’s start slow here) and win the division, they need to do something. The ship is beginning to sink and if they do not act quickly, time will run out.