100 Year Old Family Recipe For Ice Cream

I like to write about blockchains, decentralization, technology and the like, but once in a while I enjoying changing things up and instead I gin up a post about something light, fun and food related.

Today I bring you a 100 year old recipe taught to me by my grandmother. Her mother passed this recipe down to her. Being this recipe was first made before refrigeration, it was only available to my ancestors as a winter treat after the first snow / ice of the season formed on the family home in Nebraska and later Minnesota. But now you can enjoy it any time : )

I hope you get to make a batch some day. Enjoy.

  1. Brown via heat 350 ML of Sugar in pan

Cook until caramelized — stir to remove from bottom of pan.

2. Add Milk 1,200 ml

3. Boil at lower heat — milk and sugar mix until all caramelized sugar dissolves.

4. 225 ml of sugar mix with 60 ml of flour and three eggs to create the custard. Beat with mixer until fully mixed. Add 50 ml of milk to thin.

5. Add mixed custard to boiling milk / Suger on stove.

6. Stir final mix until thickens to the consistency of near to pudding consistency.

7. Chill until cool.

8. Add chilled mix to the ice cream churner

1 pint heavy whipping cream and

1 pint half and half

40 ml vilnila added to the cooled mix.

Add whole milk up to the max fill line of the churner

Add chocolate chips

Add mixer

Place mixer with top on in the cooling box and add electric motor to mixer top.

Add water and ice and significant amount of rock salt to the cooler container.

Add ice and salt as it melts.

Mix until solid about 35 minutes.

Machine will stop mixing and pull the plug immediately to avoid motor damage.

9. Remove ice cream from mixer and freeze in containers to future consumption.

Our two Ice Cream Cooks Eleanor and Ivy

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