Gavin Gillas Joins my Family Office

I’m happy to announce that Gavin Gillas has joined Yeoman’s Capital as our Chief Partnerships Officer. Here’s what that means and how to best interact with Gavin.

Invest, Launch, Grow

Gavin is an expert in growing startups, having done it himself multiple times. In fact, many of you in Austin likely already know Gavin from his work in the startup and tech scene over the past five years.

Gavin was the co-founder and CEO of The Magazine Channel (digital media monetization), co-founder of Giving Docs (fintech giving platform), and a tech and commercialization mentor (MassChallenge, Galvantize, Techstars NEXT, DivInc and UT Austin EIR).

Where Henry Liu our CIO is traveling the world finding new projects, and Mark Thorsen our COO helps get those projects successfully launched, Gavin comes in post-launch in the growth stage when projects need help building out sales teams, streamlining products, and partnering with big companies.

Our process flows from investment (Henry)> to launch (Mark)> to growth (Gavin).

Connect With Gavin And The Blockchain Technology You Need

You can connect with Gavin on LinkedIn here:

Yeoman’s Capital has a large portfolio including many of the top blockchain technology projects.

If you are working inside a large enterprise or startup interested in blockchain technology, then Gavin is the best member of our team for you to reach out to. He can get you connected with the right person inside our portfolio companies and help give a frank assessment of which team might be the right partner for you.


Growing The Team

It’s a real pleasure to get to work with such experienced and successful professionals in this new field. Gavin brings a whole new set of tools and practical methods to accelerate the success of our projects. Yeoman’s maintains a focused and lean team of professionals to bring our startups more than just our capital. Yeoman’s brings its own hard work to every project we help grow.

I’m glad to be working with Gavin as he embodies that work ethic.