The Next Wave of Decentralized Software

Ethereum is live. SAFE Network is live. Factom is live. Here Comes The Next Wave.

In November of 2013 my co-authors and I wrote the “The Emerging Wave of Decentralized Applications” whitepaper. Quickly this paper became the fore most document defining the “Decentralized Applications” term and the decentralized software model in general. The paper put forward the concept that we could emulate the bitcoin model of decentralization and extend it to areas of software development, beyond currency and payment networks.

This new model for developing decentralized software took the world by storm in 2013, 2014, 2015. A huge number of whitepapers were written, applications proposed, alpha products coded and beta software released, all following this new decentralized applications model. We witnessed experimentation with distributed social networks, exchanges, crowd funding, smart contracts, data storage, distributed compute, and anything else creative developers could come up with.

A few of these projects are now listed among the most valuable digital assets in the world. And while some of these projects were too early given they were higher level applications, the projects we witnessed gain real traction, were those providing the generalized infrastructure, foremost of which are Ethereum, SAFE Network, and Factom. These platforms now provide the means for developers to build the next wave of decentralized applications.

Building Foundations: 3 Years In The Making

The last three years has been an amazingly exciting time, particularly in the past 12 months, as all this infrastructure level work has culminated in the launch of software that makes available, decentralized compute, decentralized data storage, and scale-able systems of record / data validation, to everyone on the planet.

Starting now, the blockchain industry can build it’s next level of decentralized apps on top of Ethereum, the SAFE Network and Factom.


While there remains much to do at the infrastructure level, the race has begun to develop the next wave of decentralized programs.

Already projects such as Augur (on Ethereum) and Block Notary on Factom have gained significant attention and are showing off the what developers can build with these new platforms.

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