How My Best Friend Sexually Assaulted and Emotionally Manipulated Me for A Year
Roslyn Talusan

If only there was some way to avoid people one willingly consents to have intense romantic interaction with, to get naked with, and willingly allows to have place their penis inside you without getting raped / sexually assaulted. Its an enigma to be sure. Sounds completely unavoidable.

Certainly no one should have their body used in a way they do not desire or consent too. However, we each take responsibility for unknown variables when we put ourselves in certain situations. For instance, we can all agree that assault of another person is illegal, immoral and wrong. However, if a guy dresses in a KKK outfit and decides to stroll through Compton at midnight, is there a little bit of difference in the clear crime that is being committed? Does the person making the ill advised choice hold some of the responsibility to the outcome they evoked?

Its one thing for someone to use force for sex or to take advantage of someone who is incapable of making conscious decisions. Clearly these are very wrong, illegal and should receive the maximum punishment allowed. Unfortunately, misunderstandings can occur, even among the closest of friends. If there are expectations or boundaries, perhaps they should be discussed before they are crossed. So perhaps the condom issue was discussed. Considering “ Unprotected sex is emotionally and physically intimate and intense for me, and I only engage in it when I know I can trust my partner.” perhaps after the numerous hours of intimacy and deep friendship you define, Alex actually thought he WAS a partner you could trust. Is that unexpected at all?

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