I Don’t Give a Fuck About Justine Damond
Son of Baldwin

You are pretty much the definition of a sociopath. A Racist Sociopath. I don’t think I know a single white person that would not sympathize when someone is killed..or any race. Certainly some may understand that tragedy sometimes happens based on the situations we sometimes create of our own design. That does not make a death any less tragic.

This is perhaps the single most ignorant set of statements that i have ever seen posted…..

“ I know that most white people simply think that this situation means that guns should be taken out of the hands of black people, that black people shouldn’t be placed in positions of authority, and that keeping the police force white would ensure that police won’t mistakenly kill “innocent” white people; that police will, instead, return to their true purpose: Keeping white people “safe” by killing black people.”

Its sounds to me that you are less concerned with preventing the deaths of black citizens than you are with excusing poor behavior, illegal or ill conceived activity and discovering why we have some very poorly trained cops in some instances. Instead you would rather justify your racist views by assigning stereotypical and false sentiment to an entire ethnicity. That is pretty much the definition of a racist. You should apply for a white sheet and join your KKK brethren to spew your hate and excuses for your own failures.

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