Persistence — More people are beaten than fail

One of my favorite quotes below, and a note to people trying to realize their goals and visions:

“This habit gets itself fixed on men because they lack vision; that is, they start out to do something that reaches from A to Z of a certain matter. Now, at A they fail, at B they stumble, and at C they meet what seems to be an insuperable difficulty, and then they throw the whole task down — beaten! They have not even given themselves a chance to fail; they have not given their vision a chance to be proved or disproved; they have simply been beaten by the natural difficulties that attend every kind of effort. It is a very serious thought that more men are beaten than fail. It was not wisdom they needed, nor money, nor brilliance, nor “pull,” but just plain gristle, plain bone. This rude, simple, primitive power which we call “stick-to-it-iveness” is the uncrowned king of the world of endeavor. People are utterly wrong in their slant upon things. They see the successes that men have made and somehow they appear to be easy. But that is a world away from the fact. It is a failure that is easy. Success is always hard. A man can fail in ease; he can succeed only by paying all that he is and has.” — Henry Ford.

Keep pushing.

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