There’s No Such Thing As A Protest Vote
Clay Shirky

There’s one legitimate exception in this election, which is if you’re in Utah and considering voting for Evan McMullin.

If McMullin wins the state of Utah, it significantly raises the chance of a Clinton victory, while simultaneously permitting an astronomically low chance of a McMullin presidency via an electoral deficit for both major party candidates, followed by a 4–4 tie in the Supreme Court due to Scalia’s open seat, followed by them kicking it to the House to decide, going right up till Inauguration Day.

In that case it’s down to individual congressional votes. While Republicans have a majority, there’s still a considerable dearth of support for Trump among elected members of the House.

If the House doesn’t decide, then on Inauguration Day the Senate elects one of the VP candidates — but that’s the incoming Senate, so whichever party has the majority after Election Day makes the decision. If Democrats win control, then to avert a President Tim Kaine, it would be in the House’s best interest to compromise and cobble together enough anti-Trump Republicans and Clinton-weary Democrats to make President McMullin a reality.

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