After Comey Firing, Ivanka Trump Asks President, “Daddy, Are We In Trouble?”
Allan Ishac

A Bloody battle beyond Comey : Olymus falling

Had to get this quite right as only a visual aide can help . The situation with Comey was like straight out of a movie ‘Olympus has Fallen’. The USA has been infiltrated and the Whitehouse is under attack. The FBI is under attack. The press is under attack. The media is under attack. The women are under attack. Hell, even Hell aka Congress & Senate are being attacked. Your constitution is under attack. The judiciary is under attack. The environment is under attack. The minorities are under attack. Healthcare is under attack. Poor people are under attack. Education is under attack. Veterans are under attack. Black lives are under attack. Democracy is under attack. The only things NOT under attack are the Russians, White supremacists and FOX News. Even some members of the GOP are under attack.

If this isn’t an authoritarian state in the making, I don’t know what is. Wake up people. Communism did not just start the way it is, nor did countries with dictatorships which wield power and control over the liberty of others. Just take a look at countries like Venezuela, Turkey, The Philippines, Nigeria, Russia, North Korea. Its not about taking care of you, its about developing a dictatorship for the family to gain wealth. Its being done in plain sight.

Can the USA save itself or will a bloody battle eventually ensue to restore democracy and good, transparent, accountable governance? Will you allow nuclear control by a greedy insane few to blow up your family and the world? It’s looking like a real possibility with each daily event. I think that’s the question the world looking on wants to know.

**Allan Ishac, Allan Wing, Ingrid Jakob, and others…