For better or for worse

A lifetime of imperfect is awaiting, enjoy your wedding!

So I know what its like to be jilted more than once and swear off attending weddings (yup 3 times, same guy), but marriage is special. At least I still think it is. For better or worse, us women seem to forget that getting married is much more than that special day, but we’ve been brought up in a culture that makes us yearn for all the trimmings.

This has got to be your lucky night I’ve read this, especially as I’ve been thinking of ordering myself a wedding cake as my next birthday cake. Why stop at that. No groom should not mean no dress. I might as well get the dress the photos and while I’m at it I think I’ll book that perfect honeymoon I always wanted. As I grow older (and I’m not quite over the fence yet), I’m seeing things differently. The knight in shining armor, yadayadayada is no longer in my imagination. I’m good with Mr. congeniality , who hardly knows how to sweet talk me off my feet, has a mustache and a beard, probably bald and has big feet!

I’m just trying to say for a young bride its okay to fuss and want the best. If you believe in love and want all the trimmings that’s fine. If she wants everything to be perfect its okay. There is a lifetime of imperfect awaiting every couple after the honeymoon, so they should have memories which will make them smile sometimes!

Weddings are beautiful, as are the brides grooms, family and friends who wish the lovebirds all the best!