Reports Of Shoving Match Between Trump And Pence In Oval Office
Allan Ishac

A remake on a Hollywood classic

Wow Allan, the infighting taking place is indeed something to watch for. Understandably though, I think all the sense (which was probably already in short supply) left pence when he got into cahoots with ‘Trumpanian of evil intent. I’m just wondering who or what spiked the Kool-Aid less than half the USA drank?

Impossible to believe there are so many people who cannot see what’s in front of them. Hey this past week was like a mixture of Bram Stoker’s Dracula and Frankenstein, with Dracula’s Daughter thrown into the mix. Every time I started writing a piece of satire something happened, and I was sure no one would read from me when the news is so riveting (or revolting)! It took me back to the old movies, watching the ones before my momma was born. That’s how far I looked to see what history could unearth about these present day characters!

Maybe it will come to an end soon…any which way, the USA will have an uphill task in re -establishing its image where democracy and freedom of the press is concerned. Especially with the eyes of the world looking in. No more fairytales of America, and you blame it on the ‘vampire Trumpinocchio’ !

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